Amalfi Coast – My Highlights

Links to my posts “Exploring the Amalfi Coast ”  and     “Onward to Amalfi” —-click here 

Breathtaking  view of Amalfi coast from the sea – Don’t miss the Amalfi coast road.  Read more about Amalfi in my post-


A view of the Marina at Praia by night from the hotel room – La Conchiglia (read my review on Tripadvisor) –  More on the Marine Praia at Onward to Amalfi (click here)


A view of the  Marina Praia – Even more beautiful by day  – Read more about Amalfi in Exploring the Amalfi Coast 


A Bellini – A great drink with a history – Prosecco with a base of Blood Orange juice. Read more about Amalfi in my post

Onward to Amalfi(click here) 


Limones -A swig of Limoncello -sweet and potent  – Read more about Amalfi  in my post  in Exploring the Amalfi Coast


World Travellers – Malati and Ram

Travel tips
World Travellers !  – Ram and Malati

Aah! Positano . Read more about Positano in my post Exploring the Amalfi Coast


There is a lot more on the Amalfi coast in my  earlier posts – Onward to Amalfi     and Exploring the Amalfi Coast (click here)


  1. Looks great from your photos , AMALFI COAST has rich heritage bldgs as i see from your blog ,It speaks of history right from 11th century You must have also had the Mediterranean climate,sea breeze
    I am sure you must have brought a bottle of limoncello liqueur Really hats off to your patience to survey and know about the place before visiting
    Great Knowledge gained !!!
    KEEP TOURING , GLOBE trotter


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