The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!I write this introductory piece after I have written three posts

Me and my wife went on a three week holiday to Italy last month(Jul 2018). On our return I was a looking at the numerous photographs in both our I- phones and thought it would be a good idea to write a small para on some photographs for posterity. And so it started. What began as a few words actually turned out to be  a torrent – – Since I was not writing with any particular audience in mind I was not constrained by the number of words in each post. I just let the words flow which is why the posts are as much as 1500-2000 words. I Will need to figure out the right length as we go along based on feedback.

My friends expressed surprise that I had planned the entire trip myself without the assistance of a travel agent.This   prompted me to write the first piece- ‘Planning a Trip to Italy ”  which is  a very detailed account of the  planning process. Besides  I have always  believed that planning a trip is as much fun as the trip itself.

My son Jayant is a keen foodie and he was very helpful in suggesting drinking  and eating – The Italian Way. We often would consult him on menu selection from the restaurant – Which explains the many  photographs of restaurants and menus .It could perhaps lead to a post titled Eating in Italy – EATALY . My wife gave some executive directions and laid down ground rules during the planning process which were very strictly adhered to. My daughter wanted to come with us but due to the little baby  encouraged us and gave us many a perspective on  Modern Behavior 101  and cultural norms She was also our shopping advisor.

When I expressed this  desire  to write about my trip to Italy my dear friend Avay, himself a very avid blogger, suggested that I start  writing a blog – “Never mind what the subject is”  – He said. “Just start writing and soon the readership will build up and things will start falling into place”. I must admit that  the idea of this  blog has been inspired by him. Jayant helped me locate a suitable blog host -Still operating on a free version which has formatting limitations. But for now  I let   things be.

As for photographs I have tried to use my amateur photographs as far as possible except where I felt that the grandeur of the tourist spot has not been captured well. Had I known that I would end up writing this blog maybe I would have had some professional photographs commissioned.

At this stage I do not know where this writing will lead to.  I am also convinced that the current title RAMANANDSTHOUGHTS is not an apt  title for the for the kind of writing that may emerge. I wonder if  this site would end up as a travelogue – (PS it is now a travelogue and chronicles my journey through Italy, Austria and the Far East -Feb 2020 and titled Travel with Ramanand )

Lets see how it goes and I shall continue to post – For the first few posts I shall complete the Italian Holiday  and take it from there – Do read my posts  and would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Best wishes


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



  1. Good start , you can be freelance writer , I am sure you would migrate slowly to writing articles in leading magazines and newspapers KEEP the spirit on Good luck


  2. Thank you for your comment . I read with interest the dangers of plastic bottles and I relate to this
    I had a practice of carrying small packaged water bottle in my car till i was advised to avoid plastic particu;larly in the hot summer season .i have since switched to aluminium thermos
    I see you have written only one post so far Keep going and continue posting
    best wishes

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have another blog which I intend to update on a daily basis. It talks about different tourist spots around the world. In fact it is that blog somehow led to your beautiful Italy blog :-). Sharing the link here so that you can check it out. . I am really happy to see your reply. 🙂


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