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Ten Travel Tips- Obvious yet Overlooked

My wife Malati and I are what you could call seasoned tourists and travelers .Together we have been to many parts of the world on leisure holidays.  Each trip has added to our knowledge – Every hotel , every flight , every passport control and every tourist spot visit was  a learning experience – There is always a tendency to be the overconfident seasoned tourist … Continue reading Ten Travel Tips- Obvious yet Overlooked

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Venice by Boat – No walking !

Continued from my last post – “Venice – A First Timer’s View” The island area of Venice comprises of 118 small islands , 177 canals and 400 small bridges  across the myriads of canals . We stayed  at a hotel in the upmarket Canareggio district of Venice bounded   by the Fondamenta Nova which is the sea front facing the Adriatic sea and the Grand Canal … Continue reading Venice by Boat – No walking !

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Venice – The First Time

  Continued from my last post -The Black Rooster of Chianti Onward from Florence we had many choices – Visit North West  Italy – Genoa and onto the French Riviera  or Milan and Lake Como onto Switzerland or Bologna and Venice . The glorious stories of Venice starting from the  Merchant of Venice to the  gondolas , the water buses and Venetian cruise liner stories … Continue reading Venice – The First Time

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Continued from my last post Uffizi – Simply Mesmerising Tuscany is a province of  of Central Italy.   and   is  known for its beautiful landscape , art , architecture and culture , great food , wine and even fashion .  Florence is the capital of Tuscany and the most prominent town. Other  renowned towns  frequented by tourists are Pisa , Luca, Chianti and Sienna. Italians drink … Continue reading The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Uffizi – Simply mesmerising

Continued from my last post “Fascinating Florence “ There are two must- see museums in Florence – The Uffizi  which is the largest and first of the modern museums in  the world. The other great museum  is the Gallery Academia which hosts Michelangelo’s David.The Uffizi museum housed the private collection of the Medici family who were great patrons of art and   opened as a … Continue reading Uffizi – Simply mesmerising

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Fascinating Florence

Continued from my earlier post -“Exploring Amalfi” We set out early from the  Amalfi coast and headed out to Naples -a distance of about seventy kilometres which we covered in an hours time . We initially went on the Amalfi coast road towards Sorrento and thence on the Superstrada 45(National Highway) connecting Sicily with Venice Via Naples and Rome . This highway cuts   through … Continue reading Fascinating Florence

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Exploring the Amalfi Coast

 Continued from the previous post “Onward to Amalfi” The start of a leisurely stay was dinner  in the hotel restaurant where I was served  a freshly caught Sea Bass grilled in the most perfect way by the head chef of the restaurant – The 85 year old lady who was the founder of this hotel nearly 60 years ago  still continues to oversee the kitchen … Continue reading Exploring the Amalfi Coast