Malati and I spent nearly a month in Japan last November. Here are some of the highlights of my stay in  Tokyo. Do check out the links and the photographs

Narita Express – a great way to travel from Tokyo airport to Down town Narita to Shibuya
A Japan Rail (JR) pass is a convenient and economical way to travel through Japan. Not very useful if your trip is Tokyo Centric.  Read more at      JR Pass or not? .
The Shibuya Crossing is the worlds busiest crossing.  Check it out Suica at Shibuya
A SUICA card is a very handy electronic card and can be used at all Metro trains and select outlets such as trains and Seven Elevens.Get one as soon as you  land in Japan.
Sensoji Temple  in Asakusa Tokyo the most famous temple in Japan.  Check it out at Sensoji & Renkoji
The Fushimi Yagura is the iconic   watch tower at the Imperial Palace. Book free tour online. Find out more at  my post The Imperial Palace- Tokyo
Even vegetarians can manage in Japan. Some food options at  Ramen, Okonomiyake & Tokyo Sky Tree
Don’t miss Kappabashi the Kitchen town of Tokyo. Check out my post Knives at Kappabashi

JR pass coverpeacockSensoji HAzomon

Photo by Ving N on Unsplash

SuicaOkonomiyakeTokyo towerTokyo tower from afar













































  1. Oh well, discover Japan by train must be one of the most striking experiences ever, thanks for sharing and greetings from Lisbon! Stay safe, PedroL


  2. Thank you Pedrol . We are still locked down her in Hyderabad India .
    The Japanese bullet trains are simply amazing . Super fast and super clean . and A JR pass makes travel very convenient . Stay safe and hope we can commence our travels soon Best wishes Ramanand


  3. That’s amazing to know and it just makes me wish more and more to take the JR Pass to discover Japan 🙂 all the best Raman and! PedroL


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